Limited edition Aura Crystal Candle

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These crystal candles include two aura crystal points each.

 - Yellow vessel (14 oz)- has a Coconut + Lemongrass scent - bright and refreshing for summer. happy notes of lemongrass with a subtle sweetness from the natural coconut. Has two sunset aura crystal points in each candle.

- Sage green vessel (14 oz)- has our Volcano scent blend which is a mock of the Capri Blue scent from Anthropolgy. High notes of tropical florals and fruits, rounded out with a natural sweetness. Has two opal aura crystals in each candle.

* these are LIMITED EDITION * when they show sold out they will be gone. 

All candles are made of 100% soy vegetable wax. We use cotton wicks, and our entire scent library is composed of non-toxic / phthalate free fragrances. All of our Dusk candles are vegan, cruelty free and hand poured.